Cambridge Apologetics

2023 Summer Conference

2023 Summer Conference

Date and Location

30 June – 1 July  |  St John’s Old Divinity School and the Round Church


The 2023 Cambridge Apologetics Conference brought together an experienced group of speakers and apologists to engage and equip Christians in Cambridge.

Topics included apologetics through dialogue, introducing Jesus through the arts, apologetics through hospitality, the reliability of Scripture, apologetics and artificial intelligence, and having confidence in the Christ of the Gospels.

Conference Programme




John Lennox

A Cambridge alumnus, John Lennox is a world renowned author and speaker, mathematician, philosopher of science and Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford.

Peter J. Williams

Peter Williams is Principal of Tyndale House and a member of the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge, who recently authored "Can We Trust the Gospels?"

Andrew Fellows

Andrew Fellows is best known for having directed the work of English L'Abri for 15 years, and serving as chairman of L'Abri International. He is now an author and pastor who regularly gives training in apologetics.

Tony Watkins

Tony Watkins is Fellow for Public Engagement at Tyndale House, and a speaker and writer on media, culture, and the Bible. Previously at the Damaris Trust he is pursuing PhD research on the relationship between the biblical prophets and today’s media.

Benjamin Chang

Benjamin Chang is a speaker, writer and emergency medicine specialist doctor working in London. He also has a Masters degree in Bioethics and Medical Law. He is author of the new book “Christ and the Culture Wars: Speaking for Jesus in a World of Identity Politics”.

Alexandra Gilman

Alexandra Gilman is completing her Master's in Biblical Counselling at Westminster Seminary. She has done missions in China, Russia, and Canada, and is passionate about equipping people to be evangelists in everyday life.

Daniel Gilman

Daniel Gilman served as a fulltime apologist, and is now the director of the Centre for Public Speaking, as well as a PhD student at Cambridge University on the role of public speaking in the campaign to end the slave trade.

JP Sivertsen-Wright

JP Sivertsen-Wright is the Interim Co-Director of Student Ministries at UCCF, and oversees student work across the fellowship. With his experience and passion for student ministry, he is dedicated to supporting and encouraging believers in their walk with Christ and sharing the hope of Jesus among the university communities.

Emma Penwright

A Cambridge graduate in Natural Sciences, Emma Penwright is Assistant Head of Leadership Network and Science Network Co-ordinator for UCCF. She finds great joy in seeing science being used for the glory of God, and students learning to connect their faith with their studies.

Susannah Redmayne

Susannah Redmayne is the Christian Union Staff Worker in UCCF's Central region. She has spent the last three years working as UCCF staff worker mainly serving the Christian Union at Cambridge University. An Oxford graduate, she has also worked as a teacher prior to her time at UCCF.

Michael Ots

Michael Ots is the Field Director of the FEUER Evangelists Network. He travels widely around the UK, Europe and Eurasia speaking mainly on University Campuses on the relevance of the Christian faith to all areas of life.

Zachary Ardern

Zachary Ardern is a postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary genetics at an institute in Cambridge. His undergraduate training was in philosophy and molecular biology and he has spoken in universities, schools, and other settings on science and Christian faith, in the UK, Europe, and NZ.

Academics in Public Evangelistic Speaking

Partnering with UCCF and IFES Europe, we were also delighted to host the British gathering of the FEUER Academic Speakers' Network at our annual conference.

The network meets in parallel with us sharing relationships, plenary speakers, seminars and logistics support.

Featuring communications coaching

Tim Benton is a former actor and theatre director, now executive communications coach at GSB Comms. He has worked with businesses including Microsoft, KPMG and BCG, and ministries including Keswick and Oak Hill.

Christian academics have a unique opportunity to introduce Christianity with credibility at student events. The Network provides vision, training, peer support and introductions to event organisers.

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