Cambridge Apologetics


Cambridge Apologetics sits within a wider family of ministries serving the church's engagement with today's culture

Informed by Christian Thinking...

Engaging effectively with others requires serious thinking for ourselves. What is a Christian worldview? What is a biblical perspective on today’s big questions? What does it mean for Christ to be Creator and Lord of all?

The Cambridge Christian Study Centre in the north aisle of the Round Church serves postgraduate and undergraduate students at Cambridge University in partnership with CICCU, CGS, UCCF and IFES.

  • Desk booking and specialist reference library
  • Daily lunch discussions with dedicated hosts
  • Research and development of resources 

Forming a Christian Mind hosts biannual conferences for postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers in Cambridge, the UK and Europe.

  • A wider evangelical stage to explore important ideas
  • Partnership with UCCF, IFES Europe and other local ministries
  • Two main gatherings each year

...Networking with Evangelistic Academics...

Christian academics have a special opportunity as public (pre-)evangelistic speakers following the example of John Lennox. Since every academic field belongs to Christ, each can be unfolded in a way that naturally introduces the gospel.

The FEUER Academic Speakers’ Network is part of the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe, founded by Lindsay Brown. The Europe-wide conference gathers annually on the Continent each autumn.  

Its UK network meets in parallel with the Cambridge Apologetics summer conference, sharing logistics and plenary speakers, and feeding into UCCF’s university events weeks strategy.

...Engaging Today's Sceptics

We want to learn by doing. “Apologetics” can too easily become an in-house talking shop for Christians. So we work closely with our sister ministries and provide opportunities to put it all into practice engaging today’s sceptics.

Life in the Round provides an engaging space for thoughtful and culturally-engaged guests to explore the value of life in dialogue with the historic Christian faith.

  • Live Talks
  • Arts Evenings
  • Discussion Meals
  • Academic Viewpoints

The Round Church Visitor Centre offers tourists an exhibition and guided walk of Cambridge demonstrating the contribution of Christianity to the history of Cambridge and the West.

  • Cambridge’s iconic second oldest building (c 1130)
  • Exhibition, 20-minute video, 90-minute University Walk
  • The Christian foundations of education, rule of law, modern science